The Phases of a Clinical Trial
August 10, 2020

Clinical trials are used to test new ways of diagnosing, treating, or preventing adverse health conditions. The purpose of a clinical trial is to determine whether a new drug or medical device is safe and effective for patients.

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Two Tips for Acne
June 16, 2020

Do you struggle with Acne? Brittany LaFree provides proper steps on how to wash your face to combat Acne.

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Importance of Annual Skin Checks
June 5, 2020

Sarah Lawson explains the importance of getting an annual skin screening. Screening is a type of preventive care and can help detect skin cancer before it spreads and when it’s at its most treatable stage.

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Myths About ACNE
May 21, 2020

Does acne only affect teenagers? Does popping pimples help? Can chocolate or soda cause pimples? Dr. Berebitsky answers these myths plus many more.

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