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Laser Hair Removal

Who is the ideal patient for laser hair removal?

The “ideal” patient for laser hair removal has light skin and dark brown or black hair. The Dermatology Center of Indiana does offer laser treatments for darker skin types as well. Multiple laser treatments are necessary for permanent hair reduction. Individual response may vary. Recommended treatment course will be discussed during your cosmetic consultation.

Commonly treated areas include the face, bikini area, upper and lower chest and back, underarms and abdomen.

Laser hair removal is not just for women. Many men also have this procedure done, especially on their back to remove excess unwanted hair.

You will be given instructions at your cosmetic consultation on what to avoid before and after your procedure. You should avoid having laser hair removal if you are suntanned. Please avoid self tanning lotion two weeks before your laser procedure. If you are having laser hair removal done, shave the area 1-2 days before your appointment. We ask that you come to your appointment with clean skin (no lotion, body cream, makeup or fragrance).