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Pediatric Conditions

There are a number of conditions which affect primarily children but can also affect adults. Dr. Guenthner finds that taking care of children is one of the most enjoyable parts of his practice.

Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis

Diseases can be characterized by all kinds of red, blistering, oozing, scaly, brownish, thickened, and itching skin conditions. These diseases are treated with a combination of topical steroid and nonsteroid medications in combination with other therapies, the cornerstone of which is moisturization with such topicals as Cetaphil Cream®.


These are non-cancerous skin growths caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin. Warts are passed from person to person, sometimes indirectly, but the risk of catching hand, foot, or flat warts from another person is very small. The treatment of warts can be very difficult as no therapies are available which kill the virus directly.

Molluscum Contagiosum

This is a viral infection of the top layer of the skin called the epidermis. This infection results in the formation of small dome shaped growths that often resemble warts. Like, warts, the treatment can be very difficult as no therapies are available which kill the virus directly.

Athlete’s Foot and Other Fungal Infections

Athlete’s foot is a term used to describe what really is a form of a fungal infection of the feet. The correct term for athlete’s foot is tinea pedis. This infection is only one in the family that includes ringworm of the body as well as scalp and jock itch.

If you have any further questions regarding any of these conditions, please feel free to ask your dermatologist.