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Injectable Fillers

We’d like to “fill you in” on the fillers that we use here at The Dermatology Center of Indiana. We have several filler options available because the filler we use varies based on the area where we are adding volume.

We have fillers that ideally go into the lower area of the face, producing beautiful results with fine superficial lines, such as vertical lip lines, nasolabial folds and marionette lines. We can also augment the chin area and plump the lips.

Some fillers are used more for the upper face to give you a lift or to give you projection. These fillers are excellent for the apex and apple of the cheek and for adding volume to deeper lines. All of these fillers stimulate your own tissue to produce more collagen which adds volume.

We can help you determine which fillers are best for you based on the look you are wanting to achieve. We can customize a filler plan for you at a complimentary consultation with our injectables experts.