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6 of the Most Common Misconceptions About BOTOX and Dermal Fillers

Before and after cosmetic operationFor some reason, BOTOX and other dermal fillers seem to be subject to an unusually large number of myths and misconceptions, some of which range from the false but understandable to the completely outlandish. Perhaps because of media hype and celebrity culture, many people are willing to believe some rather dubious claims that have been made about dermal fillers. To set the record straight, we thought it would be a good idea to address just six of the most common misconceptions we have encountered concerning BOTOX and dermal fillers recently.

1. BOTOX is not worth the risk

Many people have concerns about the safety of BOTOX based on the fact that it is a botulinum toxin that can be dangerous in large amounts. However, BOTOX injections consist of only a very small and diluted amount of this toxin, which makes the injections safe in the vast majority of cases. Furthermore, most medications contain substances that are dangerous if consumed in large quantities — meaning that with BOTOX, as with other medications, the key to safety lies in the size of the actual dosage.

2. BOTOX is addictive

This misconception tends to come from a misunderstanding of how BOTOX works. BOTOX is not meant to be a permanent treatment; rather, people who use BOTOX typically have to return for new injections every four to six months after the effects of the first injection wear off. Far from being addictive, the continued use of BOTOX is just part of making sure it remains effective.

3. Your face will freeze

Nope, sorry, but BOTOX is just not strong enough to make your entire face freeze. While it is true that BOTOX does freeze some muscles, usually in the forehead, this freezing is rarely very noticeable either by the person who has the injections or by other people. Your ability to actually move your facial muscles and make expressions will not be seriously impacted by a BOTOX injection.

4. It’s too noticeable

While media sensationalism may make it look like BOTOX will result in huge changes to your facial appearance, the truth is that its effects are quite subtle. BOTOX can help smooth out and rejuvenate your appearance, but it will not lead to drastic appearances in how you look.

5. Permanent filler is better

Permanent filler suffers from one key and obvious problem, which is that it is permanent. Why risk irreversible damage to your skin that could result from permanent filler? Besides, permanent filler is a bit of a misnomer since it will not completely halt the aging effects it is meant to address. The very temporary nature of BOTOX means that it is safer than permanent filler and it puts you more in charge of your treatments.

6. It hurts

Because BOTOX requires injections, you may experience some discomfort at first, but outright pain is fairly unusual. Furthermore, we make every effort to ensure that your injections are as comfortable as they possibly can be.

As you can see, BOTOX and dermal fillers are not nearly as scary as they are sometimes made out to be. By contacting us at the Dermatology Center of Indiana today we can explain how dermal fillers work and how they may help you rejuvenate your appearance.

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