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Ingredients to Avoid in Makeup for Maintaining Clear Skin

The significance that women place on the value of makeup is revealed in the fact that the makeup industry generates billions of dollars in annual revenue; however, there is significant pragmatic and empirical evidence that suggests that wearing makeup, especially on a regular basis, can have negative repercussions as far as maintaining clear and healthy skin is concerned. There is also evidence that suggests that certain health conditions that are more sinister could be the result of overindulging in the wearing of makeup.

For decades, dermatologists, like the ones at The Dermatology Center of Indiana, have been warning women about the dangers associated with wearing certain types of makeup, or wearing too much makeup in general. Additionally, a recent article by Tim Utton, revealed that the ingredients in makeup, such as coal tar colors, benzene and formaldehyde, can have extremely negative effects on women who wear them. Following, are key ingredients that make up users should be aware of.

FD&C Color & Pigments

Color development has an essential role in the aesthetic presentation of makeup; however, synthetic colors derived from coal tar can contain high concentrations of heavy metal salts that have the capacity to deposit dangerous toxins in the skin, at the very least, causing skin irritations and high sensitivity. The absorption of these toxins can also negatively impact the body’s ability to absorb oxygen, potentially leading to a number of health complications, including death.


Parabens pose a significant risk, not only to the skin, but to the general health of people who come in contact with them. Parabens are a group of compounds that are commonly used in makeup and skin care products as a preservative that is meant to protect the product from becoming contaminated with fungus, bacteria and other types of cultures. The problem with these compounds, such as propyl, methyl, ethyl and butyl, is that as these chemicals are absorbed through the skin, they have the proclivity to cause irritations to the skin, eyes and lungs. Additionally, these chemical compounds have also been directly linked to breast cancer.

Finally, consideration should be given to the fact that even healthy makeup brands should not be considered natural, in the sense that something is being applied to the surface of the skin that is not natural to the skin. With this in mind, it is important to develop the habit of completely removing makeup from the skin each night, allowing the skin to breathe and recover. Whether a person is experiencing noticeable issues with their skin or looking for a rejuvenating skin renewal session to cleanse and detox from other makeup brands, they should contact The Dermatology Center of Indiana to schedule their next appointment.

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