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Wart Treatment – Over the Counter or Need a Dermatologist?

No one wants a wart, but if you have discovered one on your body, you may be how can you treat it! Before you begin seeking treatment options for your wart, it is important to understand what a wart is. Warts are the result of a virus under the skin. The virus can be passed along to almost anyone via skin-to-skin contact. Those with dry, cracked skin are at a bigger risk for developing warts. Warts are often times seen in children, but adults can struggle with recurring warts as well due to the virus. Now that you know what causes a wart, read on to learn about your treatment options!

Over the counter options may be convenient, but they are often not the most effective treatment and they may take a lot longer to remove the wart than a visit to our office would. Warts are deeply rooted and most of the times, the over the counter freeze sprays will not get cold enough to freeze the wart completely. If you do not remove all of the wart, it may return and continue to cause you discomfort. Another over the counter option is liquid wart remover that you paint on to your wart. This liquid causes the wart to die and the it would eventually fall off. With this type of removal, it is encouraged that you do research on the product to understand how long you may have to use it in order to remove the wart. People often get frustrated at the length of time it takes to see results with this option and stop applying the treatment before removing the wart completely.

If you are looking for a quicker and more effective way to remove a wart, it is time to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist. A dermatologist will use liquid nitrogen to essentially cause superficial frostbite on the skin, causing the wart to eventually fall off. This is the most effective route in removing a wart of any size.

It is also important to call your dermatologist if you are developing warts at a fast rate, as this may be a sign of a more serious skin condition. You should also schedule an appointment with your dermatologist if your wart is very large and won’t stop growing.

While it can sound scary to “freeze” a wart, we can assure you that this is a common practice and we will make it as painless as possible. If you’re ready to take the next step in becoming wart-free please call our office to schedule your appointment today, we’d love to help you!

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