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‘Will Chocolate Make My Face Breakout?’—It Takes 2, Acne and Diet

michaela seatbelt‘Will chocolate make my face breakout?’ Often patients ask me if diet plays a role in their acne. Several new studies have shown a link to diet and an increase in acne. This is especially the case with a diet high in carbohydrates and dairy. There are probably foods that can worsen or trigger acne, but most providers agree that diet should not be used as the only treatment for acne. At The Dermatology Center of Indiana we like to have patients improve on their diets, and use healthy eating to complement clinically proven acne treatments. There’s no harm in eating healthy and pairing that healthy eating with proven acne topical and oral medications. These oral medications are often what make the most difference in patients’ acne prone skin. They work by decreasing inflammation, which reduces redness.

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Michaela Wehr, Physician Assistant

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