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Kybella: Double Chin Reduction Treatment

Do you avoid having your profile photographed at all costs? Do you insist on holding the camera higher than eye level to give the illusion of a thinner jaw line? If you’re one of the millions of men and women suffering from a double chin, you are not alone!

What causes a double chin?

Double chins can be caused from weight loss or be a natural part of the aging process. As you age and begin to lose collagen and elastin, your neck muscles can begin to sag and pull the surrounding skin down with it.

There are two layers of tissue underneath your skin, a layer of fat and the layer of muscle tissue directly beneath it. These layers of tissue push up against your skin and are what keeps it firm.

When your body gains weight, your skin’s surface area must expand to accommodate the fat tissue beneath it.

Losing weight means that the size of your fat cells will decrease, but the surface area will remain the same. This new void in fat tissue creates a layer of skin that might hang or appear saggy. The amount of sagging skin, if any, will vary greatly depending on your age, gender, genetics, muscle mass, and total amount of weight lost.

Treatment options for a double chin

Despite what the internet tells you, there is no exercise program that can spot reduce a double chin. As you learned above, double chins are oftentimes the results of loose skin, not fat that be sweat away at the gym.

Kybella is an FDA-approved medication which is used to dissolve fat in the submental/double chin area and improve the overall contour of the neck and jawline. It’s the first injection of its kind that’s used to dissolve unwanted fat of more commonly known as a double chin in the neck region. Composed of deoxycholic acid, Kybella is a naturally occurring chemical in the body that breaks down fat. Once the fats cells are destroyed, they are gone forever.

Traditional methods to treat excess fat under the chin and neck area require a neck lift and/or liposuction. For patients who aren’t surgical candidates, prescription Kybella is a viable option for stubborn fatty deposits under the chin.

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